Vulnerabilities discovered in the Thunderbolt connection could allow hackers to access the contents of a locked laptop’s hard drive within minutes—all Thunderbolt-enabled PCs manufactured before 2019 are affected. “Apple’s Macs have offered Thunderbolt connectivity since 2011, but researchers say that they’re only ‘partially affected’ by Thunderspy if they’re running macOS.”
Now, hackers would need physical access to a Windows or Linux computer to exploit the flaws—but the kicker is, they could gain access to all data in about five minutes even if the laptop is locked, password protected, and has an encrypted hard drive. And, the flaws cannot be patched in a software update. A hardware redesign would be needed to completely fix the issues. Security issues like these are reportedly the reason Microsoft hasn’t added Thunderbolt connectors to its Surface devices. Would you choose to disable the functionality of the port on your laptop knowing this?
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